Student 法律服务

Student 法律服务 (SLS) is a non-profit law office that has served BGSU main campus students since 1984. SLS currently employs two full-time attorneys that typically advise and represent over 2,000 students each year. 另外, SLS promotes educational opportunities for the entire student body that are related to legal issues facing college students. 学生 must have paid their $13 participation fee at the beginning of each semester to use the service.

SLS strives to assist students in responding to legal problems that may adversely affect their well-being or otherwise interfere with academic endeavors.  The services offered are meant to assist students in resolving problems for which it would be otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain legal services at affordable prices.  以这种方式, SLS helps BGSU to accomplish its goal of fostering a positive living and learning environment for student success and retention.

This website is provided as a resource for general information only and should be used as a substitute for specific legal advice.  Once a specific legal issue arises, students should contact Student 法律服务 immediately in order to schedule an appointment or receive a referral.

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Updated: 08/10/2023 04:53PM